Directory of 2018-19 PFA Officers & Committee Chairs

Officers 2018-2019

President: Cathy Ritchey –

Vice-President: Kimberly Symonds –

Secretary: Miguel Bordo –

Treasurer: Jennifer Jewett  –

Committee Chairs 2018-2019

Sterling PFA Committee Chairs 2018-2019
Angel Tree: Adrienne Aiken Morgan
Cultural Arts: Kristy Gibson
Food Truck Fridays: Chris Kang
Fundraising: Jennifer Daniels
Garden Club: Tim Martin and Kristy Gibson 
GoPlaySave Books: Jennifer Jewett 
International Festival:  Ukeme Ndon 
Membership: Kimberly Symonds 
Movie Night: Kimberly Symonds and Lisa Hicks 
Painless Fundraising: Michele Dixon
School Pictures: Joni Matria, Lisa Hicks, and Laura Chintapalli
Website Maintenance / Twitter / Instagram: Miguel Bordo and Lisa Hicks
Spirit Wear: Stephanie Morris
Staff Appreciation: Caitlin Glover
Technology: JP Schick
Welcoming: Cathy Ritchey
Year Book: Kim Elliott