Membership Levels

The following are the levels of membership:

Individual Membership – 1 vote. $10.00


Stingray Family Membership – Up to 2 votes. $10.00


Spotted Ray – Up to 2 votes and allows you to opt out of PFA Fundraisers with no guilt! $125.00


Eagle Ray – For businesses owned by Sterling family members. Up to 2 votes and a business card ad on all school bulletin boards, as well as on the website, and in the yearbook. $125.00


Maria MANTAsorri Ray – For Staff Members only. 1 vote. Free!


Membership applications for the PFA are accepted year round.

If you prefer, application forms are available below, in the school main office, or by emailing the SMPFA Membership Chair.

SMPFA Membership Form

All memberships will be confirmed fromĀ